September Strong Love 18 Days

September Strong Love 18 Days

Strong Love 18 days is a live 18 day morning meditation. It is a transformational program consisting of a frequency-infused meditative process to help drastically transform all areas of your life. It pushes you to fully blossom into your true self and leave all burdens behind. It is a journey of self-love, learning how to understand yourself, and offers you a path to change from the inside out.

Emme Sajady’s 18 days Meditation is like nothing you’ve ever done before. Her abilities bring you into a higher space where all your gaps are filled in. If you think of a DNA molecule with a few of the pieces missing, it’s like her energy comes and fills them in for you until you can do it on your own. She holds a space of support and love for your spirit, a space where everything that needs to happen does. Emme’s frequencies bring you into a state of blossoming into your best self. You begin to recognize who you are in your highest form and the frequencies gently usher you into living from that space consistently.

Simply by listening you are submerging yourself in these frequencies. To help paint you a picture, when you listen to these Meditations it’s like the frequencies are unraveling you. They bathe you of all the things you are holding onto that weigh you down and show you what it’s like to live from your highest space.

It is critical to understand that these meditations bring you into a higher space and you are meant to come back down. When this happens and you open yourself up to higher frequencies it shows you what you need to do to move forward. You become more and more aware of who you are and your purpose. You realize all of your patterns and your impact on yourself and your environment.

This program is an excellent addition to Mas Sajady’s 18 day Medimorphisis. The more you listen and stay consistent the more your frequencies change and the more that transfers over to your life. Emme’s meditations give you a constant flow of pure love and support, critical when you constantly go through deep detox and integration.

18 days of live 21 minute Meditation via phone or Zoom. You will be guided through daily Meditation with an immersion in powerful frequencies to help you create pure love within yourself, and therefore change your life.


Next month starts September 10, every morning at 8:30am PST.

September 10- September 8:30am PST


Replays Included on Dropbox.




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