Self Worth Live Talk RECORDING

Self Worth Live Talk RECORDING


Self Worth is a one- time 50 minute live talk via zoom as well as a healing on the subject about how to recognize your true self, step out of old patterns and habits, and move forward.



I’ll be working on you the entire time bringing you into a higher space and helping you integrate with your true self. It will help you become stronger within and you will learn how to create a balanced foundation for yourself that you can flourish from. 

I will be focusing on three foundational points as well as whatever the group needs help with within the aspects of Self Worth.


1.What does Self Worth truly mean


2.Separating what is you and what’s not


3.How to shift into viewing yourself as you truly are



My abilities work in the sense of instilling you with the missing pieces you need to move forward. I give your spirit support, love, and fill in the missing gaps as I integrate you with your purest self. It is a higher and loving space that nurtures you forward. If you want any more information about what I do or how my abilities work please visit my home page.


If you choose to register you will be sent a zoom link as well as provided with a replay.

JULY 29 2021. 1PM PST


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