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I have been working with Mas Sajady every 21 days since August 2016.  By winter 2019, I had everything I wanted, more money than ever before, strength, confidence, the power to make decisions for myself, but, the one thing I wanted most and was so confusing to me was still elusive. To be a strong woman.

I felt drawn to connect with Emme in  December 2019, feeling her strength as a young woman.  A simple question from her, what keeps you from being a strong woman,  made me think.  My answer... I don’t know.  I meant, I really had no idea what being a strong woman was.  More make up, less makeup? Bikini body, sex kitten? Making millions of dollars for myself?  Lifting weights like a man?  

She explained to me how she completes the DNA that is not complete.  I still had no idea what that meant, until after my third session with her.  Then, I knew what it felt like to feel complete.  For me, I had always been the mother aspect.  For my parents, my ex husbands, and my children.  I had never been the girl which found joy in all things, the young woman who had dreams, the woman who had romance.  I started to be resentful of the mother aspect to grow and nourish, because that was all I had been doing.  Suddenly, I felt aligned, recognizing all these aspects in myself! All aspects of the feminine essence.  Then, my resentment to other women fell away.  No more jealousy, only inspiration for their beauty, and most importantly, my own!  My sense of sexuality blossomed and I feel more beautiful than ever.

 Emme’s beauty is pure and I love resonating with it, and I look forward to having more strong women to grow with, now more than ever.

Much love Emme, and thank you so much!

Emme, your Self Worth medi healing was so beautiful and powerful. I felt your power right away, and it helped me remember mine:) it takes one to know one. Thank you! You inspire me to be my best.

Diane B.

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